Ja Rule Wants No Part In Second Fyre Festival After First Was A Disaster

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Ja Rule weighs in after it was announced a second Fyre Festival is in motion, following the disastrous on years ago.

As reported on People, the hip-hop legend made it clear he wants no part in it. For the previous one, he served as a co-founder. Ja Rule said, “I don’t know nothing about it,” Ja Rule said when asked about the second coming of the event. I don’t know nothing about it. I ain’t in it.”

The disgraced promoter, Billy McFarland, who cofounded the first failed Fyre Festival, recently announced he’s in the process of planning another one. He Tweeted, “Fyre Festival II is finally happening. Tell me why you should be invited.”


In May 2017, the lavish multi-day festival on the Bahamian island of Exuma was advertised as a luxurious event, costing up to $1600 and more, but it was the opposite.

Housing advertised as “deluxe,” ended up being flimsy tents. “Gourmet meals” turned out to be cheese sandwiches

Concertgoers felt scammed due to the lack of food, accommodations, and security. Some were also stranded on the island. 

The event was headlined by G.O.O.D. music, and other artists but several of them pulled out. The festival was eventually canceled. 

McFarland pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in connection to the festival for tricking investors in March 2018. He was sentenced to six years in prison and was released in March 2022 after serving four years.

Ja Rule received backlash for his involvement with the event, but he didn’t face lawsuits or legal trouble. In 2019, he addressed the ordeal on the track “Fyre.” 

In Netflix’s FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud documentaries, attendees called the experience “hellish” that became “barbarian.”