Jada Pinkett Smith Says A ‘Conventional Marriage’ Would ‘Kill Her!’

Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith is seen on February 4

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Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed some interesting information about her marriage. 

During an interview with The Guardian, she said she’s not built for a conventional marriage. Even the term “wife” scared her. 

“I knew that I was not built for conventional marriage,” Pinkett Smith said. “Even the word ‘wife’: it’s a golden cage, swallow the key. Even before I was married, I was like, ‘That’ll kill me.’ And it damn near did! So why wouldn’t you share what you’ve been through, when you see that other people are out there, trying to figure this crap out? We decided to make it public because it’s part of the healing. I feel like if we don’t have real understanding about it, I don’t know if interpersonal relationships are possible.”

She went on to clarify that the “institution of marriage as a whole” made her hesitant, and not her love for Will.

“Will is my life partner and I could not ask for a better one. I adore him, I never want people to think it was Will I didn’t want to marry,” she continued. “But I can assure you that some of the most powerful women in the world feel caged and tied, because of the sacrifices they have to make to be in that position. So I wanted to talk about how we really feel about marriage.”

The actress went on to say that she’s a “ride or die” for her husband. 

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