Jadakiss Wants The NBA To Stop Snubbing Him For Celebrity All-Star Game

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Jadakiss said that the NBA needs to stop snubbing him for the celebrity All-Star game.

“I exhausted my resources,” the LOX rapper said during a recent appearance on PJ Tucker’s “Sneaker Lounge” show. “I called everybody I know. I emailed, I text, I been working out, I been putting clips on the ‘Gram. I been going my hardest, and I still got snubbed. I gotta stop getting snubbed for the celebrity All-Star game.”

“I been a taxpaying, clean citizen, a great father, I’m drinking water, I’m voting, I bought the church new Bibles. I did everything and they still snubbed me!” he continued. “Don’t wait ‘til my moneymakers blow out and then call me and I’m looking horrible out there,” he said, patting his knees. “I gotta play while I still got some fluidity in my knees.”

Jadakiss added, “Next year, I pray to get in.” Check out the full conversation below.