Jae Millz Responds in #Freestyle114 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Rapper Jae Millz wearing shades and black jacket with Funk Flex in hat with black jacket performs on Hot 97 #Freestyle114

Back on it… BAR Talk when the gawd Talk! Yes Millz is back after not too long ago, #Freestyle092 was in the 1st quarter(March) of the year, but this time was more about the recent battle with KShine and there being a question about who won. Now I haven’t seen the battle as Yet, and last week I said the W was leaning toward the W, and I told Jae last night he didn’t respond fast enough after, but Shine claimed Victory right away and that def helped him. Don’t get it twisted, both of them are truly Talented, and of course it’s difficult to pick… so we give you a few more Bars to to help you figure it out;


Good Brother Millz, pioneer in the battle rap world, chronologically broke down his whole career in the 6min bar talk, Fire! How yall feel now?