Jamie Foxx Wows Fans After Sexy ‘Thirsty Trap’ Goes Viral

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Jamie Foxx has the internet buzzing.’

Foxx shared a black and white selfie via his Instagram that gained the attention of ladies all over the world. “Why you sooo fine..” commented one fan, “The freckles are sooo cuteee..” expressed another.

The actor appeared to be shirtless in the “thirst trap” but fans are more focused on his freckles, “A face w/o freckles is like a night w/o stars…” commented one fan. “Lord i don’t know what to do with it but I would love to try…” says another.

During a recent interview, Foxx opened up about his journey into acting. “I went onstage and held a microphone like Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor. I started acting as if I was a comedian to get on In Living Color and it worked,” Foxx said.

“When I was starting in movies, it was as if all the slots were already taken,” Foxx said. “Chris Tucker, he had his slot sewn up. Will Smith, he had his slot sewn up. I’ve been lucky enough to have Oliver Stone, Michael Mann and Tom Cruise say, ‘We believe in you.’ That was key.”