Janet Jackson’s Birthday Wish To Q-Tip Has Fans Questioning Their Relationship

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Did Janet Jackson spin the block on Q-Tip?

The iconic artist has fans wondering about the status of her and Q-Tip’s relationship following her birthday message to the Tribe Called Quest member.

“30+ years of friendship is so special to me. Thank you for coming over last night (three kissy face emojis),” Jackson writes via her Instagram story while sharing a picture of Q.

X users reacted to the now viral post, “Janet spinning the block with Q-Tip [eyes emoji],” wrote one person.“oh i want janet and q-tip for each other SO BAD” says another.

Q-Tip and Jackson dated after the two met on the set of John Singleton’s film Poetic Justice. The pair also collaborated on the smash hit “Got ‘Til It’s Gone.”

“We started dating after that,” Q said in a 2021 interview with Math Hoffa. “It be cool and sh*t. She be making eggs and sh*t and I’ll be chilling like, ‘Yo, that’s Penny!’ to myself. I love her to death and she’s a Jackson — that’s Black royalty.”

The two broke up in 2002 but it seems like they may be spinning the block on each other.