Janet Jackson’s Concert Gets Freaky On Stage, Tongues Down Her Backup Dancer 

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Janet Jackson’s Together Again tour got spicy at one of the stops. 

A video went viral of the “Any Time, Any Place” singer tongue-kissing one of her backup dancers. HNHH points out that the dancer’s name is Darius “Dario” Boatner. 

Take a look at the steamy moment:

Social media users had mixed reactions. One person Tweeted, “As long as everybody’s consenting. I just wish I was AT the concert.” Another person encouraged Janet’s behavior and wrote, “Get it, Janet. I love a method actor/performer. No one can say anything bad to me about JJ ever.”

Someone else wasn’t phased and said this “isn’t new.” The person Tweeted, “This isn’t anything new. She’s been doing this.” Another person wrote, “Sexy af (heart emoji) Werk!”

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