Jay-Z, Meek Mill-Founded REFORM Alliance Appoints Wallo267 As New Chief Marketing Officer

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On Wednesday (Feb. 14), REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice organization founded by Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, announced the appointment of popular podcaster, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Wallace “Wallo267” Peeples to serve as the organization’s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

The news comes on the organization’s 5-year anniversary in 2024. The 44-year-old’s new role is to spearhead its marketing initiatives rolling out this year.  Wallo has been involved with REFORM in the past as a host of various events such as REFORM’s Casino Night which ushered in new Pennsylvania legislation. Wallo is a Philadelphia native and a former inmate in the hometown justice system.

“I am honored to be taking on this role at REFORM and for the opportunity to help uplift system-impacted communities with new resources and programs,” said Wallace “Wallo267” Peeples. “My firsthand experience with the parole and probation system I believe is key to helping advance REFORM’s mission.”

REFORM posted the announcement with an image of Wallo on Instagram with the following caption:

“As his millions of social media followers already know, Wallo267 is a uniquely gifted storyteller. When he speaks, people listen. As someone who is justice-impacted and remains on parole until 2048, he has special insight into the importance of lifting up the stories of returning citizens whose stories too often remain untold.

He authentically captures people’s real experiences with sensitivity and empathy born of his own lived experience. In everything he does, Wallo267 always seeks to maximize real-world impact, helping more and more people achieve their dreams.

That’s how he sees his new role as REFORM’s Chief Marketing Officer: an opportunity to help more people exit the system and build lives of security and stability. Wallo267 has a track record of success, and he’s joining an organization with a similar proven track record. All of these traits put him in an excellent position to hit the ground running as REFORM’s new CMO. Share this post if you support @wallo267!”

Wallo267 is a naturally gifted storyteller as his millions of followers already know. He knows the importance of uplifting the stories of justice-impacted people due to his own experience of a lengthy prison sentence and parole until 2048. He genuinely portrays individuals’ genuine experiences with compassion and understanding based on his own personal encounters.

Wallo strives to maximize real-world impact and help people achieve their dreams. He sees his new role as REFORM’s CMO as an opportunity to help people exit the system and build stable lives. Wallo267 is joining a successful organization with a proven track record.

To commemorate the new appointment, Wallo267 stepped out for the first time as REFORM Alliance’s CMO this past Super Bowl weekend at the organization’s activation at the annual Fanatics party.

Founded in 2019, REFORM passed 18 bipartisan laws in 11 states and helped 800,000 people exit the justice system.

The Future Shapers Advisory Council is a group of young content creators raising awareness for change.

REFORM is expanding its job fair event series to lower recidivism and improve reentry success for communities. REFORM organized events in Iowa, New York, and Philadelphia to provide various services, job opportunities, and community engagement.

REFORM aims to help people reenter society with dignity and succeed while making families and communities safer.