Jay-Z Responds To LeBron James’ Praising His Verse On DJ Khaled’s ‘God Did’

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Hov Did!

DJ Khaled released his 13th studio God Did. The project comes following the producer’s last album, Khaled KhaledThe album features an all-star lineup including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, SZA, Future, Lil Baby and a lot more.

Fans went crazy over Jay-Z’s verse on the song ‘God Did’. “it’s always so funny to me how people are surprised every time Jay Z reminds them he’s in a league of his own..” one fan on Twitter wrote. “Nah this JayZ verse really lived up to the hype” said another.

Hov namedrops a few people in the verse including Rihanna, Ye’ and LeBron James. He raps, “How many billionaires can come from Hov crib? Huh/ I count three, me, Ye and Rih/ Bron’s a Roc / boy, so four, technically.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber broke down the verse, which caught the attention of LeBron James himself. “Listen! Then listen again to make sure you got the point. HOV DID!!!! And so did the reporter! [goat emoji] TALK,” LeBron tweeted along with a clip Melber’s segment- in which Jay-Z responded “my only goal is to make the real ‘ones’ feel seen , forgive me that’s my passion talking ….. haa,” Jay-Z wrote.