Jay-Z Says Grammys ‘Missed The Moment’ With Beyoncé Not Winning ‘Album Of The Year’

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Jay-Z believes the Grammys “missed the moment” with Beyoncé after she didn’t win Album of the Year.

During a recent interview with Tidal’s Elliott Wilson, Jay-Z spoke about how he felt about Beyoncé not winning yet another award for Album of the Year.

He says of her album Renaissance, “look what it’s done to the culture. Look how the energy of the world moved,” he said. “They play her whole album in the club. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that. The whole entire joint—like, everything?! Every remix is amazing. Everyone’s inspired. It has inspired the world. Every remix is better than the other one.”

He continued, “when it just inspires creativity, that’s an album. That has to be Album of the Year. It has to be.”

Back in 2018 Jay was nominated in eight different categories but didn’t win any awards that year. “I feel like they missed the moment. I didn’t feel bad for myself, because I know it’s the Grammys: I probably won some joints I shouldn’t have won and I probably lost some joints I should’ve won. That’s the way it goes.”

“It wasn’t about me, it was just like, ‘Oh, I felt like they missed the moment.’ Even with Bey, I felt like they missed the moment. Not just LEMONADE; [also] when Beck won over her [for Album of the Year at the 2015 show]. I was like, ‘Oh, y’all missed it,’” he said.