Jay-Z’s Guidance To Maurice Ager On Prioritizing Basketball

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 1: Jay-Z attends the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 final match between Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid CF at Wembley Stadium on June 1, 2024 in London, England.(Photo by Mateusz Slodkowski/Getty Images)

Maurice Ager, a former NBA player, recalled an intriguing encounter when he tried to impress JAY-Z with his beats during his time with the New Jersey Nets. Ager, reminiscing in an interview, described meeting Jay-Z during a team trip to London and enthusiastically offering to showcase his music passion despite Jay-Z’s advice to prioritize basketball.

“I make beats and everything, that’s my passion,” Ager recounted telling Jay-Z. “I would like for you to check out my beats.” However, Jay-Z responded curtly, emphasizing, “I need you to concentrate on that court, though,” emphasizing the importance of Ager’s basketball career.

Despite Jay-Z’s advice, Ager persisted in pursuing his music interests, even producing beats after games. Following his retirement from the NBA in 2010, he shifted to music full-time, signing with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label as a producer. His career in music blossomed, collaborating with artists such as E-40, Royce Da 5’9″, and Layzie Bone. Ager’s creativity extended to producing the “Forever I’m a Spartan” anthem for Michigan State University’s football team in 2010, showcasing his versatility beyond basketball.

Reflecting on his career transition, Ager explained, “With everything happening in basketball, I felt it was the right time to pursue music full-time.” Despite initial guidance from Jay-Z to prioritize basketball, Ager followed his passion for music, believing in his talent and forging a successful path in the industry.

Ager’s journey underscores his determination to explore and excel in music, leveraging his skills and creativity beyond the confines of professional basketball. His story reflects resilience, commitment, and a bold pursuit of his artistic aspirations, making a lasting impact in both sports and music communities.