Jeannie Mai Reportedly Wants Her ‘Family Unit’ Back, Devastated About Divorce

Jeannie Mai is reportedly “devastated” about pending divorce from Jeezy.

According to reports, the TV host, reportedly wants her family back. A source close to the family explains, “the truth is Jeannie wants her marriage to work, and wants her family to be one solid unit. She is devastated that Jeezy filed for divorce.”

The source added, ““[Jeannie] deeply loves Jeezy, and she wants to work things out. She did not get married to get divorced. This was not a part of the plan. This is not how she ever imagined things would go down.”

“Even though Jeezy has filed, Jeannie is holding out hope that he would be willing to sit down and works things [out]. She is hoping for a resolution and wants to remain as a united family unit.”

We previously reported that the couple has reportedly called it quits. The couple share a one-year-old daughter whom Jeezy is seeking joint custody of.

In a recent Instagram post, fans assume Jeezy’s latest words are directed towards Jeannie. He shared a picture of himself and captioned it, “too focused on who I’m becoming to focus on who’s not coming with me.”