Jeannie Mai Shares The Full Story On How Jeezy Proposed To Her

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy attend Tyler Perry Studios grand opening gala at Tyler Perry Studios on October 05
(Photo by Paul R. Giunta/Getty Images)

“I said yes!” Jeannie Mai shares the full beautiful story on her how her now of how her now-fiancé, Young Jeezy, proposed to her.

In a 14-minute video via the talk-show host’s Youtube channel, she tells the story of how her trip with Jeezy to Vietnam got cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak. Yet, he brought Vietnam to them. As if that wasn’t special enough, he took that opportunity to propose to her.

“I completely froze because I just could not believe that he did this,” Mai shared. “I then at that very moment figured it all out: Jay had planned to propose to me in Vietnam. The reason he brought Vietnam to me is because he didn’t want the quarantine to stop the fact that he wanted to propose to me. Jay is my soulmate.”

She continues, “Jay had done the most important thing in my culture,” she explained, “which his to pay respect to the mom and the dad.”

Take a look.