Jeezy Wrote A Heartfelt Message For His Late Mother ‘Turn My Pain Into Power’


Jeezy honored his late mother in a beautiful post.

She passed away last year in February. People points out her cause of death is unclear, but in 2019, Jeezy told Hot New Hip Hop that she had been battling undisclosed health complications.

Jeezy recently shared a post about his mom. He was at the cemetery and penned a beautiful message in the photo. He said, 

“When everything gets quiet, I can hear you telling me to keep my foot on they necks. Don’t forget where I came from. What I been through. Turn my pain in to power. Turn my wounds into wisdom.” He continued, “You saw me take my first breath. I saw you take your last. I know you are still the life of the party behind those pearly gates. And tell uncle wade, he still owe me 20 Dollars.” It ended with, 

“Tell my big brother Michael I love him. And I hope he’s proud. No matter how I say I love you, I’ll always love you more than that. It’s only been a year. But it feels like a life time. You are forever in my thoughts and my prayers. Rest in paradise Queen.” Take a look: