Jemele Hill Explains NFL Blackballing Kaepernick, Leaving ESPN & Witnessing Her Mother’s Struggles

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Jemele Hill stops by HOT 97 to talk to Nessa on a conversation that covers a wide range of topics. 

They delve into Jemele’s memoir, “Uphill,” where the paperback version is now available, revealing the emotional and inspiring journey behind its creation. They reflect on the profound impact of her family, especially the complex and moving relationship with her mother, which shaped much of Jemele’s perspective.

In exploring her dynamic career at ESPN, Jemele opens up about the behind-the-scenes realities of being a prominent figure in sports journalism, including her candid thoughts on the network’s evolution and the challenges she faced.

The discussion takes a deeper dive into Colin Kaepernick’s NFL journey, where Jemele offers unique insights into the intersection of sports, racial justice, and social issues. She shares her personal views on Kaepernick’s stand, the response from the sports world, why he is blackballed, and the broader implications for activism in athletics.