Jeremih Lands Role In ‘Power Book IV: Force’

(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

This is dope! 

Jeremih has landed a role in the upcoming installation to the Power series, “Power Book IV: Force.”  

The singer will have a recurring role alongside Jason Sikora, who plays Tommy Egan. Jeremih will play the role of a high-ranking member of CBI who is the go-to person because of his knowledge of the drug game. 

It has been reported that Power Book IV: Force, will be centered around Egan after he New York City to start a new life on the West Coast. 

This role is a major comeback for Jeremih after his near-fatal battle with COVID-19 in 2020. He explained his ordeal while he was in the hospital. 

“I had a tube down my throat for about a week and a half. I was really like, in a dream and I ain’t gonna lie, I woke up about two times and all I remember is just seeing a white light,” he said. 

He continued, “What I ended up having and I don’t mind sharing it because now, you know, I’m here- it was called an [multisystem] inflammatory syndrome.MIS. Which is a rare case of, you know, the cause and effect of COVID-19. My whole insides, all my organs, became inflamed. It was going down.” 

Jeremih had to learn how to walk again while recovering. We are happy to see that he will be on the small screen.