Jeremih Seemingly Shoots His Shot With LaLa, Social Media Reacts

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson /

You miss 100 shots you don’t take.

It looks like Jeremih may have Lala on his radar. The artist took to Instagram to seemingly shoot his shot at Lala. He shares a picture of her via his Instagram story, and adds Nicki Minaj’s song “Favorite” featuring him. The lyrics read, “I just wanna be your diamond, babe /Guaranteed to be a problem / Every time I get around you, babe / I just want you to need me /You might really wanna try me, babe..”

Fans are speculating if the two are an item. In a screengrab captured by The Shade Room, one fan asks, “Isn’t she still with Carmelo or did I miss something?”

Jeremih could just be crushing on the actresses, or they could be an item. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.