Jermaine Dupri Opens Up On Why His Relationship With Janet Jackson Ended!

Jermaine Dupri
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Quarantine stories are coming out as artist and media platforms continue to create content, such as T.I. and his podcast titled ‘ExpidiTIously.’ 

On a recent episode, Jermaine Dupri clarified some rumors about dating Kandi Burress, a romantic relationship that he says never happened. The two just worked together musically.

The only person that had that tone was Kandi… From that point on, that was the lead… And everybody like ‘You like Kandi, you was dating Kandi.’ None of that had nothing to do with… we weren’t even nowhere in that area. It was just the fact that I was writing songs…”

Dupri also gave a detailed breakdown on his relationship with Janet Jackson and says that they two broke up because he couldn’t get her to move to Atlanta.

Throughout their 8-9 year relationship, the two never lived together.

I think the only thing that created a difference for me was the fact that we didn’t live together. We had an eight year, nine year relationship, but we didn’t live together… I feel like that’s a part where you really determine if you’re strong. She wasn’t willing to move to Atlanta. She was willing to come out here for a couple of weeks. But living in Atlanta, for her, just didn’t really seem like L.A. I wasn’t ready to move to Malibu… I like it, but it ain’t… It’s just something about being (In Atlanta) 

Listen to the clips below: