Jhonni Blaze Is Alive & Well + Explains Why She ‘Disappeared’

Singer Jhonni Blaze performs on stage during the 2016 Pure Heat Community Festival at Piedmont Park on September 4
(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Jhonni Blaze had her fans worried about her.

Last week, 21 Savage’s manager, Mega Meezy, made an alarming post about reality star/rapper Jhonni ablaze being “missing.” 

The news came days after Jhonni wrote a cryptic post on social media. In the message, she said, “Shit don’t make Sense how much pain I can consume. Shit be on the edge for me, and tonight I’m done y’all won. I won’t leave no memories cus y’all didn’t care to leave genuine ones with me.” She continued, “I’m tired. See how it’s feels when I’m gone . They laughed at my hurt, my pain my feelings and played ! people think having mental issues is to be laughed at and to down you let’s see you laugh when I’m dead.”

A day or so later, it was revealed Jhonni was alive and well, as she kept her fans on her OnlyFans account updated. Hot New Hip Hop reports Jhonni was simply taking a “break” from social media. 

Jhonni made a post on social media, explaining why she “disappeared.” She said, “I took a mental break. I’m done explaining the reasons why. It doesn’t help me heal. You bashing me because you don’t understand depression doesn’t help me.” She went on to speak on the Black community doesn’t fully understand depression.

“The black community frowning on depression because we been through so much so we don’t believe it’s real is not helping me. People claiming to be a friend but be the only one who runs to a blog and bash me then can’t even publicly say sorry for lying won’t help me. I don’t know how to sugar code [sic] I only know the true feelings of what I posted and I meant every dam word because that’s what I felt inside.” In the following message, she denies “disappearing” for clout. She said,

“Look how y’all treated me when I expressed my depression,” she concluded. “Who the fuck wants to express when y’all give this same energy when you keep it inside then y’all upset when we say nothing. That’s all.” Take a look:




Glad she’s alive and well.