Jim Jones Loses New Jersey Home In Foreclosure + Sold For $100

Jim Jones wearing a white and orange hat and camo jacket

(Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Things haven’t been looking good for Jim Jones lately. 

Last week, we reported that audio of Jones had been released and used as evidence in the trial Tekashi testified in. Now, according to many reports, Jones has lost his New Jersey home due to foreclosure and it sold for $100. 

XXL reports that in 2017, Jones was sued by the U.S. National Bank Association for failing to make monthly payments in the amount of $4,467 on the mortgage over a seven-year period, owing $1.2 million although the house was valued for $680,000 at the time.

Jones stopped making the payments on the five-bedroom,three-bathroom home which is now valued for $742,000. The house was sold back to the bank for $100.