Jim Jones Reacts To New York Weather: ‘[I] Don’t Know How To Get Dressed Anymore’

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Jim Jones was not happy with the New York weather over the weekend. He took to Instagram to share his frustrations with the surprising cold weather, while tapped into his “Weavahman” persona.

“Man, f**k this weather and whoever the f**k is in charge because the s**t is just not adding up at this f**king point anymore,” the “We Fly High” rapper said while hitting his signature toe-tap he does outside his home. “A n**ga told me it was d**n near 80 [degrees] in Philly yesterday and snowing in New York today. The s**t is just goin’ wild.”

Jim Jones continued, “What’s next? A n**ga don’t even know how to get dressed anymore. There was no snow advisory. N**ga, I don’t make the weather, I report the weather. So someone gotta tell me what’s going on, ya heard? F**k it, no Air Force 1’s. Baby girl, you could do the Uggs and s**t like that.”