Joe Budden Apologizes To Rory After Firing Him From His Podcast

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

Joe Budden issues an apology to his former co-host, after firing him on air.

Joe let Rorygo  last week for his “dark energy, arrogance, and entitlement.” In the leaked audio, you can hear Joe say, since Rory feels like he has so many options here, somehow he still feels like he’s running the show. He feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract. And from this point forward, you are fired, and you are not welcome back.”

Rory responded via Twitter, he says, “man .. what an era. Thank you to everyone that listened, supported, told their friends about us, bought a subscription, ticket, or merch .. any value starts & ends with y’all.. I’ll get to that messy sh*t soon, but in the meantime, I’m here to celebrate an amazing run!! Love.”

After receiving mixed reactions online, Joe issued Rory and Mal an apology on the latest episode of the podcast. He says, “seeing all of this feedback and all this — I do need to apologize to Rory, as well. Maybe Rory and Mal, too, but definitely Rory,” Joe said before reflecting that “things sound a lot spicier in the go-out.”

He went on to say that he initially wanted the audio of him firing him to be edited out of the episode, “ever since that last pod, I’ve just been having like pictures in my head of every moment that me and the guys have ever had together,” he continued with a maniacal laugh. “When I say I didn’t ask you to do sh*t for me — ’cause I don’t ask y’all to do sh*t for me but that’s a man thing to me. You just don’t ask men too much sh*t but when I said I didn’t ask you to do something, it don’t mean I’m not appreciative. It don’t mean I’m not grateful. It just means I never asked.”

He continued, “When do you say that and not sound like a dickhead?” He admitted that regardless of his intentions, it was wrong for him to address Rory with such a tone. He explained that it stems from a deep-rooted issue with authority.

“I don’t want that to affect people I love which is why I’m going to apologize to Rory because me and Rory have so many fly n***a moments together. Like, fly, friend type of vibey — like, it’s unfortunate that they might not feel that we’re so friendly today and it’s unfortunate that I can’t tell you how we got here, maybe aside from — if I’m taking accountability — poor leadership skills,” he said.

Hopefully the three can come to an amicable place.