Joe Budden Sides With Eminem In Beef with Benzino

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Joe Budden unexpectedly sides with Eminem in his beef with Benzino.

“Maybe punching down is back,” the East Harlem rapper said during a recent epsiode of his podcast. I’m down with anybody dissing Benzino. “Y’all see him coming out the pool on some bodybuilder shit with the water glistening off his body trying to be like a seal or some s**t? Old n**gas shouldn’t do that. He do too much shit that old n**gas shouldn’t do. And I know he tried to bang that transgender. I don’t care what that n**ga say. I know he did!”

He continued, “Now me and Em on the same side — look what you did, Benzino” before clarifying: “I ain’t never had a problem with Benzino, but Benzino do make being 50 look corny.”

Budden used to be signed to Eminem’s Shady Records before they fell out.