Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker Investigates Biggie’s Murder In “City of Lies” Trailer #SceneIt

Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker city of lies

On the birthday of the Notorious B.I.G, comes the release of the trailer for “City Of Lies” a film that centers on the death of the late Brooklyn rapper.


The film, set for release on September 7th, was created off of Randall Sullivan’s non fiction book “Labyrinth” which details the corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department.


The movie stars Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp, who plays former LAPD detective Russell Poole and Forest Whitaker who will play a reporter that teams up with Poole.


The two work together to try figure out the truth behind Biggie’s murder. The movie is based on former LAPD detective Russell Poole’s actual interest and work on the force during the time of Biggie’s passing.


Will you watch it?