Jonathan Majors Set To Speak Out For First Time Since Being Found Guilty

Jonathan Majors is set to speak out publicly for the first time since he was found guilty.

We previously reported that a New York jury found Jonathan Majors guilty of assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment. Majors was convicted of two out of the four charges against him.

After the verdict was read, Majors’ defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry issued a statement which read, “It is clear that the jury did not believe Grace Jabbari’s story of what happened in the SUV because they found that Mr. Majors did not intentionally cause any injuries to her,” she said. “We are grateful for that. We are disappointed, however, that despite not believing Ms. Jabbari, the jury nevertheless found that Mr. Majors was somehow reckless while she was attacking him.”

Majors has been keeping a low profile since, however, he’s prepared to speak out in an upcoming interview. On Monday, Jan. 8, the Creed III actor will give his first interview with Linsey Davis Good Morning America.

His sentencing is set to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 6.