Joycelyn Savage Addresses Alleged Social Media Accounts + Pledges Loyalty To R. Kelly

JULY 16: Supporters of singer R. Kelly

photo credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo / Getty Images

We recently reported that one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage, was spilling all the tea. 


It was alleged that she was going to be speaking out via a Patreon account. The account spoke on how “controlling” Kelly was and how he used things that she loved to manipulate her, such as her love of music. 


“After these couple of months, Robert started giving me commands and making sure I call him by certain names like “Master” or “Daddy” which I didn’t really care for at the time. If I wasn’t getting paid or pushing my dream I would’ve went home, but all of that didn’t stop just yet.”


Well, yesterday (December 4th), Savage spoke with TMZ and denied all claims. She states that the accounts were not set up by her, and that someone was impersonating her. She mentions that she was always love R. Kelly, and support him.


See the video below. Let us know your thoughts.