JT Helps Formerly Incarcerated Women Re-Enter Society With ‘No Bars Reform’

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JT of the City Girls is giving back in a major way. 

The formerly incarcerated rap star is helping women with similar stories get on the right path with the launch of No Bars Reform. JT shared the news via social media amid the recent release of her highly anticipated solo single, “No Bars.”

According to the website, the reform program will include resources helping women who were incarcerated seek employment, abuse help, housing assistance, therapy,  plus more. In a statement on the site, the “Good Love” rapper said:

“After spending almost two years in a Florida prison before being released in 2020, JT has vowed to use her voice and platform to help other incarcerated women rehabilitate into society.” 

In 2018 the “Act Bad” rapper was arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft. JT was sentenced to 24 months in a federal prison. In late 2019 she dropped “JT First Day Out,” in celebration of her release in March 2020.  

“No Bars” visual drops today (July 15), 3 pm EST. JT also shared how she felt about her second solo single since “JT First Day Out.” 

“I’m having so much fun promoting #nobars can y’all tell? Very organic & fun I love this freedom …I love it here,” JT explained via Twitter. On the reform website, JT also said:

“No bars is a freestyle I made in the studio when I was having one of those days. At the tine like Jost of the time ppl were doubting me & Questioning why wasn’t I as visual and vocal as others ! Not knowing me personally….” She also spoke on reading “crazy things about herself” and instead of commenting back, she went to the studio. JT vows to “stop hiding her love for music.”