Justice for Junior: Murder Suspects Arrested! [VIDEO]

Justice for Junior
Photo Credit: Screenshot from video

Last week 15 year-old Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman Feliz was brutally dragged out of a convenience store and murdered by several men with machete knives.

Footage of the men committing the heinous crime was released, leading to all of their arrests. 

Five suspects have been taken into custody; one has been identified as 19 year-old Kevin Alvarez.

The gang reportedly released a message prior to the arrests claiming that Junior was wrongfully attacked, and that the men murdered the wrong boy.

Junior’s family revealed that it was one of his dreams to join the NYPD and be a police officer. The family’s GoFund me account titled Justice for Junior has now reached over $150,000 dollars.

We are sending our prayers and condolences to his friends, and family!

Take a look at the video below: