Kanye West And His Team Feels Public Doesn’t Respect Name Change: ‘His name is Ye’

An internal memo from Yeezy chief of staff Milo Yiannopolous, obtained by TMZ, reveals that despite Kanye West legally changing his name to “Ye” in 2021, people have yet to acknowledge it. Yiannopolous claimed that the rapper and designer didn’t take the decision lightly because of the impact of the brand he built around being “Kanye West.”

In the note, Yiannopolous also pointed out that the Yeezus rapper refers to his previous name as a “slave name.” He believes that as a Black man in America, “he has the right to full self-determination just like everyone else.”

“The change was made fully, legally, and permanently. This is who he is now. His name is Ye,” the letter read. Yiannopolous continued: “We are reaching out to streaming platforms, publishers, stores, unions, lyrics websites and data resellers. This change will happen everywhere.”

He added: “Your platform has been identified as one of the most visible places this change may occur, and we passionately hope you will be able to fully and properly reflect the new name and identity of such an enormously influential and historic figure.”