Kanye West Releases ‘Jesus Is King’ + Does This Mean That Old Ye Is Back?

Kanye West Wearing a multi-colored shirt

 (Photo by Wendy Redfern/Getty Images)

Kanye West has finally released his highly anticipated album, ‘Jesus Is King’. 

For months leading up to the actual release date, Ye has been dropping hints and pushing the envelope with his Sunday Services and has recently made headlines informing fans that he no longer wants to do secular music, and he even asked for everyone on his production team to abstain from pre-marital sex during the making of the album. 

Ye has been known for being outspoken and pushing the envelope since the debut of his “College Dropout” album. He has never been afraid of speaking his mind. In 2005, Ye called out then-President George W. Bush on national television in his negligence of aiding the victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

Moving graphic of Kanye West and Mike Meyers

In 2009, he interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV video awards when she beat out Beyonce for Video of the Year. 

Moving image of Kanye West and Taylor Swift

With the hype of ‘Jesus Is King’ and Ye’s recent antics, could it be that the ‘Old Ye’ that many fans have longed for is back? The College Dropout, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy can arguably be considered two of Ye’s best works and are just some examples of West showing his lyrical brilliance on songs such as “All Falls Down”, “Never Let Me Down”,” Power”, “All of the Lights”, “Monster” and the controversial “Jesus Walks”, and are the reasons why fans fell in love with him in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, Ye has dubbed his 9th studio album as a “gospel album”, and vows to continue on this path of doing religious music. 

Listen to the album here and let us know what you think.