Kanye West Reportedly Reveals How Many Millions He Charges For Performance Fee

kanye west

Looking to book Kanye West?

It’ll cost you a few million.

As reported on Hip Hop DX, Kanye responded to a blog post that claimed he charged a $1 million performance fee. Kanye reportedly corrected the outlet and said the number is $8 million. He allegedly DM’d the blog and said, “please change this my performance fee is 8 million.” Take a look at the post, shared by YzyUpdates on Twitter:


Yeezy is headlining Rolling Loud Miami this month, going down July 22 – 24. It’s not clear how much he got paid.

Earlier this year, Kanye dropped out of performing at Coachella, losing out on an $8 million payday. CNN reports the “reason” was because Kanye didn’t want to perform during the “midst of his divorce battle with Kim Kardashian and in the wake of his one-sided feud with Daily Show host Trevor Noah.”

In other Kanye news, he wants to build an American car made of foam. According to a news source, he launched Donda Industrial Design. The article says footwear designer and longtime West collaborator Steven Smith will be in charge of the project. Smith told Complex,

“I’m honored to help create our shared vision of the future.” He continued, “Mr. West is the single most inspiring creative I have ever worked with.”

Take a look at the design:

Social media is buzzing about it. One person said, “The moment I get a drivers license I am buyimg the donda foam vehicle.” Another person said, “I love the concept of the donda foam vehicle. I will drop my cybertruck preorder for one. Beautiful, like a Lamborghini and a Sherpa blended together.” Someone else called the car a “batmobile,” while someone declared Kanye a “GENUIS. VISIONARY.” Other fans are excited and said, “donda foam vehicle ngl (not gonna lie) this sh*t goes hard.” 

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