Kanye West Says ‘Free YSL’ & Claims He’s Communicating With Kim Kardashian

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Kanye West is back on Instagram, sharing some posts.

One, in particular, was to advocate for Young Thug and Gunna to be released from jail. In the post, he shared an alleged text conversation between him and Bari. Bari said, “we gotta get Thug out of jail.” Ye replied, “just sent this to Kim.” Kanye deleted the post, but take a look:

In May, Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 YSL members were indicted on RICO charges and are accused of operating a violent street gang. Young Thug is believed to be the ring leader. 

Both rappers were denied bond multiple times and remind behind bars and last month, Young Thug was hit with a new 95-page indictment. Around the time of his RICO arrest, Atlanta police raided his home and found several firearms, including a machine gun, which led to the new charges. Steel, maintains that his client is innocent and looks forward to fighting the charges in court. 

Recently, Thug and Gunna got the chance to chop it up. They had another pre-trial hearing on August 18 via satellite for their RICO charges. Gunna asked Thug if he was okay. Gunna replied, “I’m good, my brother. You good?” 

Then, in the video, someone can be heard reminding Gunna that his audio is on. Another voice said, “Jefferey [Young Thug], I don’t believe you are muted, either.”

The “Hot” rappers began talking again, and a woman told them that they were being recorded. She warned them to stop talking and “pretend they are not here.” She said, “Hey, you guys. Everything you all are saying is being recorded,” the woman reveals. “Don’t laugh. Don’t talk to each other. Pretend you are not here. Don’t say anything.”

The trial date is set for January 9, 2023.