Kanye West Says He Made $19 Million In Yeezy Sale After Super Bowl Ad

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After the worldwide success of his new album, Kanye West‘s Yeezy sale earned $19 million after the Yeezy Super Bowl Ad aired. Kanye criticized the ad on social media Sunday, revealing the sales receipt via text message.


 Yeezy pushed four products: a top, pants, a T-shirt, and YZY pods, as shown in a text screenshot with the dollar amount for each. Kanye has been promoting a huge sale on Yeezy products, with sales as low as $20 for items.

 The Super Bowl ad only aired in certain markets versus the worldwide ads such as upcoming films, religious, and network-based television series. After the Super Bowl, Kanye West took to social media to explain the bare minimum advertising and what he is selling on his website at slashed prices.

Super Bowl LVIII was the most watched telecast since the Moon landing in 1969.  

Kanye appears to have something brewing as he cleans out his inventory. He shared a photo on Instagram of him with Adidas CEO and the caption reads: “Make Adidas great again.”


Kanye’s relationship with his former distributor has been a rollercoaster ride with him recently revealing that the brand is suing him for $4 billion and selling the remainder of his Yeezy collaboration at a low cost.