Kanye West Updates ‘Ye’ and Includes Slavery Lyric [VIDEO]

Kanye West
Photo Credit: Marc Piasecki – Getty Images

According to Kanye West, he claims to have switched up the entire ‘Ye’ album after the backlash he received following his TMZ ‘Slavery was a choice’ stunt.

Kanye must have changed his mind, as he recently updated one of his songs with a lyric about the slavery debacle.

On the first record titled ‘I Thought About Killing You’ Kanye West inserted this new bar:

If I wasn’t shinin’ so hard, wouldn’t be no shade
Buckwheat ass n***a, it’s gon’ be otay
Sorry, but I chose not to be no slave
young n***a shit, n***a, we don’t age

There may be some MORE updates coming soon! We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Listen to the record below: