Kanye West’s ‘Late Registration’ 13 Years Later is Still Affecting Lives

Kanye West Wearing All white standing in front of a microphone.
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images)


It has been 13 years since Kanye West released his second studio album, ‘Late Registration’.


The album dropped in 2005, when we still had the Old Kanye, and on it displayed the creative genius side of the Chicago rapper.


West’s skits like “Broke Phi Broke”, were the most memorable because it still resonates with college students across the country.  


The Old Ye, was more conscious, transparent, and outspoken on this album with songs such as “We Major”, “Heard Em Say”, and “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, it was easy to relate to and to be conscious with him.


Old Kanye kept the people knowledgeable of what to expect in the real world. Sadly, we don’t have that Kanye anymore, instead we have New Kanye. We have the Ye that Likes Donald Trump, insisted that slavery was a choice, and wears MAGA hats like it’s going out of style.


What would Old Kanye say to new Kanye?

Kanye West saying Awww Hell Naw


For those who don’t know about or want to find what Old Ye was like, listen to ‘Late Registration’.


What is your favorite song off of ‘Late Registration’?