Kanye West’s NEW Yeezy’s Leak! But…There’s A Bit Of A Problem [PHOTO]

Kanye West performing
(Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

That looks…familiar.

Kanye West is getting ready to release some brand new Yeezy’s. The ADIDAS kicks would be called the “Powerphase.” Sounds intense right. Like it would be supersonic, or futuristic. Instead it looks like something we were rocking in the 1980’s.

Hypebeasts saw the brand new kicks and realized it looked quite familiar. That’s because it looks like a pair of old Reebok Classics.

Kim Kardashian graciously gave fans the first look. And…well. Maybe it just didn’t go as hoped.

Compare that to… this.

Well, it’s expected to sell of $120 if you’re interested there you go!