Karl Anthony Towns Gushes Over Jordyn Woods After She Poses In Revealing Thong Bikini

Love is in the air.

Jordyn Woods shared a picture to her social media, pool side with the caption “baddie energy all summer…” as she is wearing a nude stringy bikini. 

Her boyfriend, NBA player Karl Towns, jumped in her comments and showed her some love. He commented, “So what up…” in which she responds, “send me the addy” with a winky face emoji.

The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary with a romantic get-away in Santa Barbara. It’s no secret that the two are in love..love. Towns even said that Woods changed him for the better. He explains, “Let me tell you something, fans… man. Women change you. Women change you.” He continued, “I ain’t never got no palate like I got right now. I ain’t never thought about eating no raw sushi, raw fish. I ain’t never thought about that. But here comes little ol’ Jordyn Woods in my life, and now all of a sudden, we gotta go to Nobu all the time.”

She even changed his eating habits. “And after about four times of going to Nobu and like not eating anything, and only maybe having like the fried chicken or the chicken teriyaki with rice, I finally said, ‘You know what, let me try that yellowtail jalapeño’ and ever since then it’s changed my life.”