Katt Williams Cleared Of 2016 Assault Charges, Women Involved In Case React, ‘We Felt Very Ignored’

(Photo by Vallery Jean/WireImage)

Katt Williams can enter 2022 without the weight of 2016 assault charges hanging over his head.

As reported on The Jasmine Brand, the comedian was cleared of charges where five women accused Katt of physically attacking them and allegedly stealing their cell phones.

According to the women, at around 2:00 a.m. at an Atlanta nightclub, they were trying to take pictures with Katt. He agreed, but things got crazy when one of the women allegedly started to film him. According to the victims, that’s when he “lashed out” and reportedly got physical and pulled out a gun.

Katt claims he acted in self-defense, and the women were the aggressors. When police were called, Katt was handcuffed, but he wasn’t arrested. Authorizes couldn’t figure out who was at fault due to conflicting stories on each side.

Katt was facing other charges in 2016, and he was behind bars. TJB points out he was later charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, sexual battery, and theft by taking. One year later, an agreement was offered to Katt, and his legal team accepted it. The article says the court communicated the proceedings to the female victims and their attorney. The agreement was complete on Monday, November 29, and Katt won’t face any charges.

It’s not clear what the agreement was. The victims were not happy about the ruling. They claim they didn’t know about the deal until this week.

One victim Lutisha Martinez said, “We cannot ignore that this man has not only traumatized not only us. Several other people.” Another woman who was named in the incident, Salena Boston, said,“We felt very ignored throughout this entire wait.”

Another victim, Lanette Washington, feels Katy’s star power played a role in the outcome. She said, “His celebrity just took us out. It made it look like we were, I guess, making this up.”

Katt hasn’t publicly addressed the ruling.His new tour kicks off in 2022 and it’s called World War III.