Kehlani Celebrates New Album ‘Crash’ In NYC

Photo by: Loamis Media

Kehlani celebrated the release of the new album Crash on Tuesday night in New York.

Crash is Kehlani’s fourth studio album. The celebration kicked off the last week in LA with Tequila Don Julio 1942. “For a long time, I’ve been not afraid of how I’ve been perceived musically, but I had a lot of being very apologetic in my personhood, for who I am, for anything I’ve done, for anything I had to be corrected on for any way I’ve shown up in the world,” Kehlani says of the 13 track project. “In this album specifically, I am just gonna talk and not hold back. I’m going to talk as if I was talking to my very best friend.” 

The exclusive album release party was held at the infamous Harbor night club in the heart of New York City. Kehlani previewed tracks from the album, and even performed some of them for her fans. The event was star-studded with appearances from Capella Grey, Dixon and more.

Kehlani also sat down with HOT 97’s Nessa and talked her personal growth and the creative processes behind her latest work.