Keke Palmer Shows Off Her Curves In New Pic, Says She’s The Happiest She’s Ever Been In Her Life

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Keke Palmer is in her happy girl era.

The actress says brining in the new year, she’s never been happier. While on vacation, the actress shared a video in the ocean with a stingray. She captioned the video, “whew chile! These mosquitoes done had they way with my eye, I feel like I was in that Martin episode..I have never been so happy in my life!!”

The post continued, “already 2024 has started off on the vibes I was looking for, more experiences and more enjoying what this beautiful world has to offer. Look at my smile! I don’t even recognize me! I made a second connection with this girl here, I’m on clouuuuuud nine!”

In another post, Keke shared a series of pictures and videos recapping the 2023 year. She captions the dump, “2023 some beautiful memories were made! I will never forget it…This year, I learned how much love I truly have in my life! I’m so thankful for the blessings.”

The post continued, “God has given me, so much that I sometimes can’t believe it, but I replace that feeling with gratitude. I affirm more of the same in 2024, more love, more life, more time.. time is the greatest currency and I want to spend mine living.”