Kelly Rowland Shows Off Flawless, Rare Unfiltered Photos Of Lala Anthony & Herself 

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Kelly Rowland shared a special moment with fans. 

The singer posted a birthday message to Lala Anthony, who celebrated her 41st birthday on June 25. Kelly showed off flawless unfiltered photos of herself with Lala, rocking big smiles and no makeup. 

In the caption, she wrote:

“#Alani(affectionately known as LaLa) To know you is to immediately love you and always want you around! That’s why everyone claims you theirs!! LOL.” Kelly went on to tell Lala what makes her unique,

“Your realness, warmth, honesty, and loyalty, is one of the most beautiful gifts, I have ever encountered, of a human! The world is a sweeter place, because you simply exist in it! I pray this trip around the sun, fulfills your heart, soul, and mind, and you get all the blessings!! Cause you deserve it! #iloveyou a big piece!!” 

Kelly ended the message by telling Lala they need more pictures and suggested they go on a girls trip. Take a look: 

Lala responded in the comment section and wrote, “aww I love you so much!!! These words are special. Love you deep. Yes to more girls trips!” A fan tried to say that Lala is always trying to be “everyone’s friend,” but Kelly’s post proved her own theory wrong. The online user said:

“This whole time I have thought to myself ‘Lala tries to fit in with everyone,’ but your caption stopped me in my tracks. So beautiful. So rare. A light.” Another person wrote, “Lala is cool with everyone. So many different people and personalities, everyone loves her.”

Check out Lala’s birthday post to herself. She shared a baby picture throwback. In the caption, she wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. the love I’m feeling today is the greatest feeling ever!! Feeling soooo blessed and sooo happy. Love y’all so much!!! CANCER SZN!!! LETS GOOOOO!” Take a look: