Kelly Rowland Shuts Down Destiny’s Child Reunion Questions

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Kelly Rowland’s focus is on her new movie, Mea Culpa.

During a recent interview– while on the press run, Rowland was asked about a potential Destiny’s Child reunion. “Your sis just dropped a whole new couple of songs, and it’s my understanding that Renaissance II may or may not be country-based, and then there’s a rumor going around that Renaissance III may be, either rock-based or a DC reunion..” Kelly was asked.

In which Kelly responded, “that is her business to talk about, not mine.” She was further more asked, “and I know that you all are tired of answering those questions, but fans like me for the Destiny’s Child reunion, it got me really excited … we still gotta ask every time we see you.”

“I know, but just ask them,” Rowland replied. “I’m here talking about Mea Culpa, out Feb. 23, and that’s what I’m most excited about right now. I think that, that’s that.”

Mea Culpa is set to hit Netflix this week. Its said to be an “erotic thriller” that was directed, written and produced by Tyler Perry. Check out the trailer below.