Kevin Hart Shares A Story About Interacting w/ Fans Who Weren’t Wearing A Mask!

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)|(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart has been getting more personal during quarantine! 

The comedian has been sharing personal stories about his life. His latest tale is about a recent time he had an interaction with fans amid the pandemic. The Jasmine Brand shared a video of when Kevin Hart was at the gas station, fans noticed him, but they didn’t have on masks or gloves. Kevin’s response was “WHOA!”

“I get out to pump gas, people pull up, people saw me, they jump out, ‘Kevin Hart let’s get a picture!’ I jump back, ‘Whoa!’… I said ‘Ya’ll got no mask on or gloves, no nothing? Naw man this ain’t safe!’”

Kevin said in his mind, because of the crisis, he feels his life is like the movie contagion.

“In my mind sh*t was about to go down, and the virus was going to be spread, thats the fucking mindset that this craziness has put me in. I could not have a regular conversation, at the gas station. I could not say normally ‘Hey guys you know what, I don’t really uh feel comfortable you know just with the contact right now cuz I gotta pregnant women at home.’ I could have been very calm about it, I didn’t have none of that. I jumped back ‘Whoa!’ I said those words out my mouth.”

Take a look:

Kevin is being extra precautions since his wife Eniko is pregnant with their second baby! They’re having a baby girl and have a 3-year-old boy named Kenzo.