Keyshia Cole Claps Back At A Fan Who Said She Was ‘Degrading’ Her Deceased Mother

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Keyshia Cole had to set a troll straight.

An online user accused Keyshia of “degrading” her deceased mother. The person Tweeted, “I said it! As soon as Keyshia [Cole’s] mama died, she was going to [use] that opportunity as she always does and make it work for her.” It continues, “Now she is making a movie about Frankie she aka ways degrading them for her benefit.”

KC replied via Twitter, “degrading my mother? I wanted the best for my mom. You prefer my story not me my story? At times I have [to]. But my truth is my truth.” Keyshia continued, “I just live mine out loud. (While some suffer in silence.) But this will come with all that I do. So speak YOUR truth, but yours ain’t mine.” 

Take a look:

Frankie passed away around her 61st birthday last year from an accidental overdose. In a tribute message, KC said, “THERE WILL BE A DOVE AND BUTTERFLY RELEASE DIRECTLY AFTER service IF U GUYS WANT TO COME PARTICIPATE.” She went on to say,

“ALSO PLEASE send my sister [Elite Noel] your get well wishes PLEASE COVID prolonged this service, BUT MY MOTHERS WISH WAS TO HAVE ALL HER CHILDREN IN ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME!!!!!” She ended with,

“So we’re trying to make that happen!!!! I would LOVE TO SEE ALL MY SIBLINGS THERE!!!!” ALL [seven purple heart emojis] of them!!!!!!”

Keyshia is working on her eighth studio album. In 2021, she announced she was retiring from music but would bless fans with her final project. A few weeks ago, she showed herself off in the studio

Last year, during an interview with Essence, Keyshia spoke about why she’s hanging up the mic. She said, “For a second, I told myself I just [wasn’t] going to make music anymore. But that was before my mom passed and then a lot more happened. I had already signed [the] deal that I have in place, so I have to fulfill that obligation.”

She continued, “But not only that, after my mother passed, it put a bunch of other things into perspective for me. So I decided to finish my obligation, to release this last album—the last one I plan to put out.”

Keyshia plans on having a biopic released based on her life. The “Let It Go” singer said, “I want to do this movie on my life. It has been brought up [but] there were certain things I didn’t like, so we just didn’t do it. Now, that’s going to happen.”

After retiring from music, she also plans on owning several businesses. In addition, she’ll have more mommy time for her sons Daniel Gibson Jr., 12, and 2-year-old Tobias Khale.