Keyshia Cole Shuts DOWN Haters Who Had A Problem w/ Her Posting Her Huge Hickie

Keyshia Cole
Photo credit – Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

Keyshia Cole found a new love, and she’s not afraid to show it! 

Last week, we broke the story about Keyshia having a new boo. She shared pictures and relationship memes in her Instagram story, and the saga continues. 

The “Sent From Heaven” singer is still gushing over her unidentified lover. Keyshia posted a picture of her hickey on social media and said: “Next time, make it darker, bae.” Some fans had issues with Keyshia sharing personal information. Online critics said she’s too mature to post stuff like that, while others didn’t mind.

Keyshia jumped on social media to address the haters. She told fans she’s still going to post more PDA and said it wouldn’t matter to people if she weren’t famous. take a look:

Keyshia is living her best life. The singer has been officially divorced from her ex-husband since 2020. She and her ex-boyfriend Niko Khalè called things off but are seemingly in an excellent co-parenting space. She announced she’s retiring from music after giving fans her upcoming album, titled Album 8.