Keyshia Ka’Oir Responds To Allegations That She Cheated On Gucci Mane With Rick Ross

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Keyshia Ka’Oir responded to allegations that she slept with Rick Ross while her husband, Gucci Mane, was in prison.

Rick Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, accused Keyshia of cheating on Gucci with Ross. While on Instagram live she explained, “Gucci Mane, he f*cked Keyshia Ka’oir while you was in prison,” Kemp began. “I seen her pulling out from his studio house in that Rolls-Royce she was driving. It was a white one. This the truth though, allegedly, and it’s the truth. I ain’t gotta lie. Lie detectives pay me. It’s going to be in the book. I don’t give a f*ck. They can’t sue me. I ain’t lying. That girl better go prove to her husband and Rozay that I’m telling the truth. ‘Cause he told me he done f*cked all these n****s hoes.”

Keyshia caught wind of the accustions and shut them down. “Ain’t neva had no dealings with Rick Ross PERIOD!” she began. “Keep my name out y’all mix up! Ross & my husband are friends! WTF!!! How dare y’all!… Medication needed.”

Following the allegations, Keyshia shared a picture of she and her man and captioned it, “Its my Mannnnn! My mannnnn! My mannnnn & his fine self for me chile,” she wrote.