Kim Kardashian Rocks Buzz Cut And Thin Eyebrows In New Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian is nearly recognizable in new cover shoot.

The beauty mogul graces the cover of CR Fashion Book, rocking a buzz cut hairstyle, thin eyebrows and seemingly dark lipstick. “An icon to me is someone who fights for what they want and goes after their dreams and makes them happen. Someone who is so unapologetically themselves but maintains the kindness and warmth I connect to,” says @kimkardashian inside CR Fashion Book Issue 23 Muses.

Kim shares the photoshoot to her Instagram and captions it, “crazy I was on the 1st cover and now 10 years later still inspired by @carineroitfeld. I love you 🩶 Thank you for having me. @crfashionboo.”

During the conversation with CR, Kim reveals there’s a few projects she’d love to work on. “There are a few big projects I want to work on—ones that I feel called to do. And I will definitely do them when the time is right,” she told the outlet.