King and Justin Combs Spotted Leaving Diddy’s LA Mansion Amid Raid

Justin and King Combs, who are both sons of Diddy, were seen entering and then leaving their father’s house in Los Angeles quickly after a raid took place. The raid was part of an investigation into sex trafficking by federal agents who also raided Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles on Monday.

At least two men were placed in handcuffs while police searched Diddy’s mansion, which is worth $40 million and located in the upscale area of Holmby Hills.

Reports suggest that Diddy’s two sons were detained during the raid but later released without facing any charges. According to TMZ, the sons identified were Justin, aged 30, and King, aged 25.

They were seen separately returning to the property on Monday night to gather their belongings. Video footage captured Justin returning to the estate at around 10:30 p.m. PT, where he seemed to collect boxes and luggage before departing. Reports indicate that Justin was the first to retrieve his belongings, followed by King, who arrived a couple of hours later to do the same.

Both Justin and King were present at Diddy’s mansion when the federal agents arrived as part of the ongoing sex trafficking investigation. Aerial footage showed them sitting on the grass outside Diddy’s gate, handcuffed, during the raid.

This incident has drawn attention due to the involvement of Diddy’s sons and the serious nature of the allegations being investigated by federal authorities.