King Combs Gets Slammed By Social Media For Father’s Day Post

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – SEPTEMBER 12: Sean Combs and King Combs pose in the press room at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

King Combs, also known as Christian Combs, received backlash on Sunday (June 16) over posting about his father, Diddy, in celebration of Father’s Day. 

King Combs shared a late-night Instagram post that included a photo of Diddy and an infant King Combs with the caption, “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE GREATEST!! Love you, pops!”

The post was immediately flooded with negative comments by social media users. Implying that the King Combs was insensitive to those affected by the 54-year-old billionaire mogul’s alleged sexual assaults. Followers sharing comments like, “Bro had to sneak this sh*t in there a day later during grave shift,” read one of the comments underneath.

Another social media user joined in, writing, “you thought everybody was sleep [laughing emoji],”

“Now you know you should’ve just sat this one out [teary face emoji],” read the following comment.

While many attacked King Combs, other comments understood the rap star’s intention behind the commemorative post. One user wrote the following:

“All those talking negative, remember Diddy is dad to him, not Diddy. He is Diddy to you all but to him he is just a father. As bad as he could be, he will remain a father to King Combs. Even serial killer dads still get love from their kids cause that was not who they saw at home. Take your anger to Diddy directly and leave boy alone.”

“In spite of the fact that there may be unpleasant realities about Diddy, a son naturally wants to show appreciation for his father,” commented another user. “The son didn’t allude to any accusations and just needed to express gratitude to the person he looks up to.”

Another added: “It’s nasty work to think that a dad can’t get love from his kids! Some of y’all daddies stomped y’all mama out in front of you and you still brought him a card! I don’t care if you had the best father in the world everybody ain’t able and if this young man loves his dad he is entitled to express it because you only get on set of parents and he understands this better than most so let this young man be great. You can have an opposing feeling and not share it. Also learn to discipline yourself BEFORE the social credit scores start scorin’ it will make your life in America easier in the long run! Happy Fathers Day to all the dads I hope you all enjoyed your day!”

The Father’s Day post follows Diddy’s return of the key to New York City on Saturday (June 15) upon Mayor Adams’s request following the release of surveillance footage of Diddy attacking Cassie Ventura in 2016. The key return marks the first time by a recipient. 

Diddy is the father of 7 children. King Comb’s mother is the late Kim Porter. Diddy and Kim’s on-and-off again relationship began in the early 90s, and they welcomed Christian in 1998. Porter passed away in 2018, and Diddy mourned her on his last album, The Love Album: Off The Grid, released in September 2023. 

King Combs is also involved in a sexual assault lawsuit. A woman who worked for the family on a luxury yacht claims that Diddy’s son sexually assaulted her in 2022. Christian denied the claims; however, the lawsuit is ongoing.