Kodak Black: Broward Judge Reinstates Bond, Remains In Federal Custody, Hearing Wednesday

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Broward County Judge Barbara Duffy reinstated Kodak Black‘s bond in Florida drug cases on Friday (Feb.16), allowing him to be released on bond once again; however, he is currently detained in federal custody.

Black’s next hearing is on Feb. 21 at 11:30 a.m. with Judge Martinez presiding.

The 26-year-old recording artist, real name Bill Kapri, is detained in a Miami federal dentation center after being arrested on a probation violation activated by new drug charges after a possessions arrest during a traffic stop in Plantation, Florida in December. His attorney, Bradford Cohen, proved that the police officer’s accusation of Black in possession of cocaine was false as the lab test proved the “white substance” was oxycodone.

Black’s attorney requested that he be allowed to witness the birth of his fourth child on Feb. 23 during Friday’s hearing.

“I’m asking for a little bit of deference so he can see his child being born,” said Cohen to Judge Duffy.

In the same proceeding, Judge Duffy ruled that prosecutors could not refute or negate the fact that Kodak Black had an oxycodone prescription filled by a pharmacy. Kodak’s drug possession charge was dismissed, but he still faces a tampering with evidence charge. His attorney hopes to get that dismissed, too.

Black’s attorney may use the new dismissal in the federal hearing on Wednesday to get the rapper released from federal custody.

Kodak Black is on the new Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign album, which reached #1 on American charts this week.